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Independent remortgage advice Devon Remortgaging simply involves moving your loan to a new lender, or changing the terms and conditions with your existing lender. There are many reasons to consider remortgaging, the most common is financial (i.e. to save money), however releasing capital or locking in to the financial security of a fixed rate are also high up the agenda for many borrowers. Whatever your reason, we can help.

No charge for remortgage analysis for existing loans over £135,000. As of the 2nd July 2012, we will not make an advisor charge for remortgages where the loan is over £135,000. Please note, we may still receive commission from the lender and this offer does not apply to buy to let

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Remortgaging explained

The answers to these questions are; no you do not have to stay with your current lender, and more often than not remortgaging your existing loan will be worth it.

Sticking with your current lender means that you only gain access to the loans that they offer and may not get the best deal or the most suitable product. Seeking ‘whole of market’ independent mortgage advice ensures that you get the best possible solution to meet your needs.

You should consider a remortgage if;

If there are early repayment charges applying to your mortgage, then remortgaging may be unsuitable.

It is important to consider the interest rate and the fees applicable if you decide to move to a new lender or a new deal with your existing lender. Many lenders offer low interest rates and charge higher fees and it is important to ensure that a new deal offers the best overall value.

Fees will generally fall into the following categories;

Re-mortgaging presents an excellent opportunity to review the term of your loan and consider paying off sooner. To see how much your monthly payments would be on a reduced term, use our mortgage calculator.

How we can help?

We can access loans from a very wide range of lenders including most of the major high street banks, and many more specialist lenders. To find out if we can save you money, please click below to be taken through to our mortgage enquiry form: If you live near to our office in Abbotskerswell, Devon, please feel free to visit our office

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The following article provides further information on why it could be worth re-mortgaging: consider remortgaging.
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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

For mortgage advice we can charge a fee of typically £500 or we can receive commission from the lender.