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Are you sufficiently protected against the loss of your home and all your possessions? The case is possibly not if the full replacement cost of the contents of your home has not recently been reviewed. The rebuilding cost of your home also has to be considered, so there are two main categories, the Building itself and its Contents.

Most of our clients appreciate that they need Home insurance but cannot always quantify how much they need, especially if they are setting up home for the first time. Even if having already been insured for a number of years, they may not appreciate how much replacement or rebuild costs have changed over time. In order to evaluate current needs, we ask clients to build up a checklist of all the items in their home, which should include carpets, curtains and all furnishings as well as the prized electronic gear that is so popular.

If you already have a Home Insurance policy and your circumstances have changed, your policy may be insufficient or surplus to your requirements, and you may benefit from reviewing it. Comparison sites now mean that you may have been able to obtain the same cover for less, however this is all too frequently at the expense of quality of cover, and it is important to understand the real cost or value of any savings.

When setting up or adjusting your policy, you will have to decide on two main factors, the level of cover and the excess;

Level of cover is described as “Standard”, sometimes called “New for Old”, or “Accidental Damage”, sometimes called “All Risks”.

The Excess is a chosen amount that you have to pay in the event of making a claim. The insurance company will only pay the cost of the damage or loss in excess your chosen figure. In Home Insurance this has historically been £50, but increasingly Excesses of £100, £150 or even £200 can be imposed. Because higher Excesses can be exchanged for cheaper premiums, this is how sometimes insurers can make “bottom line” premiums LOOK attractively low. Subsidence Excess is an exception, and is almost always £1,000 these days.

There are different types of Home Insurance covers, summarised below;

Other areas to consider:

Personal Possessions – This is cover for items commonly taken outside the home, and sometimes called “personal effects” or “valuables”. This is commonly jewellery items, spectacles, watches, cameras and binoculars, but can include all luggage you take away on holiday. Pays or the cost of repairing or replacing any or all of such possessions while inside your home in the event of damage or total loss by, most commonly, accidental damage or theft, less any Excess. This cover can be added to any Contents policy or combined Building and Contents policy.

Standard or Accidental Damage cover – These can be chosen as options. As its name suggests, Accidental Damage cover applies to damage to any item caused by accidental means.

How We can Help

As well as providing you with a competitive quote, we will explain the fine details of your policy to you so you understand the real value of the cover you are getting. We can source policies from a wide range of insurers and endeavour to ensure that right balance is achieved between quality of cover and price.

To discuss your case with an Advisor, please call 01626 360654 and ask to speak to Mike, or to request a quote, fill in the quote request form and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours).

If your situation falls outside any of these areas, we may still be able to help, so please feel free to enquire.